The collection includes part of the armament – artillery, fire, bomb and rocket armament of the airplanes and helicopters, situated in the motor park. Part of it is displayed independently; the other one is on the airplanes themselves.

The artillery and fire armament of airplane MiG-17 are represented by NR-23 and N-37 guns installed on gun-carriages and also with their gun supplies, as well as by N-30 gun of Su-22 airplane; by four barrel machine gun Yak-B-12,7 mm of helicopter Mi-24 etc.

The bomb armament consists of aviation bombs of different calibre, among which are P-50-75; OFAB-100; FAB-250; cassette aviation bombs OFAB-250 etc.

Displayed is rocket armament for impact on air and surface targets – guided and unguided: R-3S, R3US, H-23, NURS-S5M etc. The availability of cuts gives opportunity the visitors to get familiar with the pattern and the way of operation of the rocket and bomb armament. Exhibited are also different types of target equipment of airplanes and helicopters as well as aviation photo cameras, used for the needs of air intelligence.

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