Dear Visitors,
Access to the exhibitions of the Aviation Museum is granted provided strict adherence to the introduced nation-wide measures against the spread of COVID-19 and observance of the following rules:

  • Group visits are temporarily suspended, with the exception of school groups and groups of students, booked in advance;
  • Individual and family visits are permitted; the number of persons per group is limited to 4;
  • Cash-free payments for admission or souvenirs is strongly encouraged;
  • Visitors with flu-like symptoms would not be admitted;
  • Face masks are required in the in-door exhibition spaces. Children must also wear face masks;
  • Visitors are required to observe physical distance of at least 2 meters, including during individual guided tours and ticket validation;
  • Visitors must observe the indicated by the museum staff maximum occupancy for each hall. If the maximum occupancy is exceeded, visitors would be asked to wait in front of the building. Crowding at the tickets office, storage area, the restrooms, etc. would not be permitted.
  • Use of VR headsets and distribution of printed materials is cancelled.

October 2, 2020

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